Just a little tired of edit my sim. So….this is edited picture for andhisrabbits. i hope you like it. lol 

(If anyone want me to edit your picture, you can send it to my msg)

When are you releasing the eyebags you made? and you should put way more things up for download because you're so good! haha :D

Yeah, I’ll release it soon. :)

Hi) just wanted to say that I really like your new model~

thank you so much!! i'm so glad you like her!!! <33

Wcif the hair you used for Vera in your collab with cocere? Thank you in advance (if you can find it of course.)❤️

It’s soldier hair by alesso, but in this pic i edited a lot lol. you're welcome!

What skin did you use for cara?

It’s called cookie by treesimz. :)

Natalie & Vera (by coercere

Dress by deltasim



One last time


will you put cara for download?

Nope, I just can’t let her go…;_;

Wcif the first pose in your latest picture of Natalie? She's absolutely gorgeous!

Thank you! Here is the pose :)


Tomboy Style <3

hat | top | bottom | socks | shoes